7 benefits of an alcohol-free month

by Sippers Drinks

We're gearing up to Dry January and it’s the perfect time between post-summer socialising and pre-Christmas chaos to put the booze down, reset and reconnect with ourselves.

For us the booze-free benefits far out-weigh the drunken fun and heavy heads. You really have nothing to lose by going alcohol free but everything to gain!

Here are our 7 benefits of an alcohol-free month, to inspire and keep you motivated:

  1. Better sleep: with one week away from alcohol, you may notice that you are sleeping better. Alcohol may aid with sleep onset due to its sedative properties but people who drink before bed often experience disruptions later in their sleep cycle as liver enzymes metabolise alcohol. 
  1. Balanced hormones and no binging: when you sleep better you will be able to manage your hormones better which balances out your food and drink intake. After drinking, your ghrelin levels (the hormone that makes you feel hungry) go up and leptin (the hormones that make you feel full) go down. Say goodbye to those regrettable late-night Uber Eats.  
  1. Hangover-free mornings: imagine no feelings of regret or 'hang-xiety'; no wondering where you put your phone, bag and wondering where all your money went. Alcohol postpones anxiety then multiples it - when you leave alcohol behind, you’ll wake up feeling fresh, motivated and ready to seize the day.
  1. More free time: with hangover-free mornings comes more free time. Not drinking the night before gives you a clear head to make the most of the day ahead and feel great whilst you’re at it!
  1. Save money: A couple of nights out per week can cost you on average £150+ per month. Even if you’re out and about, the non-alcoholic drinks options usually cost a little less than your usual aperitif. Save yourself the headache and the cash - spend it on a holiday or something fun because you’ve earned it!
  1. You lose weight: it’s probably no surprise that all those extra calories in that cheeky glass of red after work add up very quickly. When you reduce or cut out alcohol, your overall calorie intake will reduce (so long as you don't swap it for another sugary substitute). 
  1. Deeper connections: we've all had those pals we've bonded with over a bottle or two. But there's something special about forming a connection with someone when you’re not drowning yourself in alcohol. Mindful and sober conversation can lead to a more meaningful and genuine connection. We're all about friendships that go further than the dance floor!

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