Well hello – very sweet of you to dig in this far.

We’re Talia and Millie, the passionate duo with an unfettered curiosity for all drinks “low and no”. 

Where our curiosity came from

Talia came to mindful drinking after contracting Dengue fever, don’t worry – she’s fine now, we hope! But after a doctor advised her to take a year off booze, she started exploring non-alcoholic alternatives. Talia realised that many brands in this space remain unknown or hard to access and so the idea for Sippers was born. 

Millie gave up drinking altogether five years ago because of the effect that alcohol was having on her mental health and started Sober Girl Society shortly after. She avoided Dengue fever but sadly not raging hangover anxiety so she has been exploring non-alcoholic alternatives ever since, working with some of the biggest names in the space. 

The dream

In 2022 we joined forces with a vision to make Sippers the number one destination for the mindful, conscious and curious drinkers because we just love everything about the non-alcoholic world. More importantly we believe this world should be easily accessible, not confined to a dusty supermarket shelf or squirrelled away at the back of a bar. We want to showcase the creative, revolutionary and unique universe of no and low drinking in all its rightful glory. 

We love that this is a sector ripely packed with small-batch producers. We love that it’s a heady mix of art and science. We love the creativity in everything from taste and mouthfeel to bottling and labelling.

All in all, we just kind of love it.

And if you don’t already, then we hope you will very soon too. 

So here’s to cool, conscious, hangover-free Sipping. 


Talia Broederlow & Millie Gooch, Founders